International Education Fair – it's promising and exciting! Learn how to enter a foreign university at the International Education Fair, where you will find:

  • communication with representatives of international universities in the format of "question-answer";
  • preparation for admission: programs and courses;
  • all about the admission rules for the school year.

Participants of the Fair – highly-ranked universities and business schools in the US, UK, continental Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Volunteers of IEF

The main goal of any volunteer is to make contribution, even small, to the development of society, to the development of our motherland-Kazakhstan and to develop ourselves.

Together, we will make new friends, receive important information about education, learn about the opportunities for studying abroad and will have a good time.

Being a volunteer is great!


  • knowledge of English
  • responsibility
  • reaction speed
  • patience
  • politeness
  • teamwork
  • good communication skills
  • ability to coordinate large groups of people