International Education Fair 2018-2019 – it's promising and exciting! Learn how to enter a foreign university at the International Education Fair 2018-2019, where you will find:

  • communication with representatives of international universities in the format of "question-answer";
  • preparation for admission: programs and courses;
  • all about the admission rules for the 2019/20 school year.

Participants of the Fair – highly-ranked universities and business schools in the US, UK, continental Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Volunteers of IEF 2018-2019

The main goal of any volunteer is to make contribution, even small, to the development of society, to the development of our motherland-Kazakhstan and to develop ourselves.

Together, we will make new friends, receive important information about education, learn about the opportunities for studying abroad and will have a good time.

Being a volunteer is great!


  • knowledge of English
  • responsibility
  • reaction speed
  • patience
  • politeness
  • teamwork
  • good communication skills
  • ability to coordinate large groups of people